Friday, September 15, 2006

"Green laughing"     [triple tautologies]

becoming is nothing but being
and being is nothing but grief
and grief is nothing but seeing
autumnal descent of the leaf
    green laughing abides in the margin
    warm sunlight persists though the cloud
    may argue the view of the dungeon
    all notes are aligned in the laud

becoming is roundabout going
and going is roundabout telling
and telling is roundabout rowing
this isn't a question of selling
    green laughing abides down the river
    the tale is long and a wonder
    in mornings in winter we shiver
    in evenings on mountains we thunder

becoming is nothing but asking
and asking is nothing but answers
and answers are nothing but wisking
the motes from the toes of the dancers
    green laughing is found in the sequence
    enduring across the divide
    where everything tells us of distance
    and water is nothing but wide


The "triple tautology" is, possibly, a new song form.


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