Monday, September 05, 2005

"notes begun impromptu" (villanelle)

Setting up this blog, I encountered a field for "description". I wrote:
| notes begun impromptu

and then:
| but likely to find form

and then found I had to complete it as a villanelle.
However, the Blogger software would not accept so many words in the description field (and with my footnotes to boot). So, here's the literally improptu scribble (or -- to split more exacting hairs -- the keyboard equiv. of a scribble prompted by the noted occasion).

"notes begun impromptu"

notes begun impromptu
but likely to find form
after a fashion haunt you

sun & moon don't taunt you
fuddlement is life's norm
notes begin impromptu

post them when you want to
formlessly conform
to what might mildly haunt you

everything responds to
flutes that sound forlorn?
notes begin impromptu

when'll we publish shantu
babu's tale? warm
grow future rays to haunt you

cool enough & spont too
calm precedes the storm?
notes begun impromptu
may after a fashion haunt you


& notes:
I'll explain the shantu babu thing sometime later in my blog (like maybe next month). This involves a small publishing venture I'm in process of gearing up to launch. (Shantu Babu is a fictional character -- not of my invention, but in a certain novel...)

spont = spontaneous [in more suitably abbrev. form]

Dashed this off in this [erst] "description" field, in lieu of studied explanation. Hopefully the gentle reader will fend for him/herself appropriately, what's-up-about-this-wise. Other descriptives may presumably be inferred by whatever follows.


Blogger Lisa said...

Welcome to the world of Blogger :)

Word of becomes very addictive if you don't keep control of it lol

Enjoyed reading your impromptu scribble. Very nice :)

Mon Sep 05, 02:19:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Zorba said...


welcome to this space.

fill it with your grace and aura.

love n light

Mon Sep 26, 03:59:00 AM PDT  

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