Wednesday, September 28, 2005

snapshot upload / brief lowdown

in Adams-Morgan (wash.dc), toward midnight, Sept.13, 2005 -- saving this small (49 kb) so can upload to blogger profile.
Tuesday evenings (generally), I'm painting with a small circle of artist-friends downtown; -- we hire in a model (nude figurative painting) -- I'm doing oil sketches (so: one new oil painting per week). When the session ends (11pm), generally I'm getting a ride to Adams-Morgan, one of the few late-night neighborhoods in wash.dc; food, espresso, a late cigar, carrot juice for the road, bus or cab home. Like that.
Have been using cell phone for photos; perhaps will upload more here in future.
Also: this blog has rather been back-burnered since early Sept. launch. Too busy (in terms of online scribblings) w/ Caferati perhaps. But more here in future inshallah. Posted by Picasa


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