Wednesday, September 28, 2005

walking north

Another (from myriad such self-portaits; I'd commenced the series once acquiring a new cellphone fitted out with digi-camera, mid-spring).
This was June 3, 2005 -- on weekend afternoon, walking up 16th Street NW toward Silver Spring, Maryland. Summer heat hadn't yet arrived full tilt. Seems now as if long ago.

Existence of trees in photographs of people can quite alter the feeling, true?


Blogger The Wizard of Odd said...

very true.

If frost could, he would've. And then felt relieved that however many miles there were, the lovely deep dark of it could be carried in a pocket... a wallet.

I like that blue thinggy around your neck. Thinggy only because Im far too sleepy and stole seemed horrendously wrong.

*low-lidded sheepish grin*

Thu Sep 29, 05:40:00 PM PDT  
Blogger david raphael israel said...

It's wool, I'd just call it a scarf. Hmm, don't know where I've put it now. I've a brown one as well.

Not to be pedantic, I'm thinking the deep dark woods poem was D.Thomas rather than R.Frost -- but either way, can woods be carried in a pocket? Maybe in a transforamed way. But its then a different experience. Trees there did alter the "picture" of the poem, yes. Quite so.

cheers, d.i.

Fri Sep 30, 01:44:00 AM PDT  

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