Thursday, October 20, 2005

3 haiku for priyanka's basho

One look at the cup
turning it so carefully
her own kiln makes one

Basho in English
is oftentimes so dilute
there seems no there there

how did you find this?
in the empty rivulet
a live jumping fish!

On a discussion board (or forum), the precocious-&-dedicated literary artist / Chennai-girl-in-Bristol (New Hampshire) Priyanka Joseph this evening posted a startlement.

Duly startled by the keen evocation of the long-gone Basho, I dashed off the above responsive verses. Sanity must be preserved by hook or crook; how deal with sudden presence of Basho, other than thus?



Blogger The Wizard of Odd said...

too kind, you are. And whattan adjective! *grin*

new hampshire. Sigh. Yes.

msn crosstalk
brackets are fingers and smiles
we sit, cups in hand.

That was paltry. But am still ebuilliant. Efflugent. Epiphanied. Have UNO papers on Benin to prepare :-S

Thu Oct 20, 05:52:00 PM PDT  
Blogger david raphael israel said...

but isn't uno singular?
Maybe you will prepare singular papers.
Or maybe you were referring to a specific type of sushi.

But mine dio: isn't Thoreau's Concord in this very New Hampshire? And Sir Goog also gives me this oddment of a quote from Robbie Frostie:

"I choose to be a plain New Hampshire farmer
With an income in cash of say a thousand
(From say a publisher in New York City)."

(I presume a thousand in those days was enough for a year or two. But I digress terribly.)

Basho [Matsuo, not Robbie],
apologies. Maybe I can dub you, Priyanka, the Basho of Bristol.


Thu Oct 20, 06:16:00 PM PDT  

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