Sunday, October 16, 2005

auto-blogo-graffiti / technorati tagging / "What would Jesus blog?" (boomerang poem)

a note before dawn
Been tinkering with a treehouse
it rests before your eyes
been tacking links to branches
& scrawling one surprise
graffiti (as I phrase it)
scroll downward & appraise it
you're squinting at the mellow?
well I'm a happy fellow

Last night I registered w/ Technorati, and tagged this blog for English Ghazals. This poses a dilemma. Either I should (on 2nd thought) presto-chango the blogo-tag (moderately tagging only the scant particular post), or alternatively -- for sheer moral rigor, intellectual seriousness, and um, et cetera -- oughtn't I (repeatedly & liberally, if not to say forthwith) post some more, like, you know -- English ghazals?
The tecnorati tag discretely gleaming
what English ghazal was your psyche scheming?
the treehouse -- stood it ready for the guest?
the tag-o-brag required some redeeming
Mayhap I'll do something about this situation in future days.

As you might be knowing ;-), blogo-spam is the new trend percolating in the lower tiers of electro-evolution. To this very post, I received a comment whose patent purpose was to point me (or you) to some website where we might procure loans for things like building materials. It's true I had just been writing about a treehouse (a thing for which some literalist might presume I needed tangible materials, and ergo, perchance, funds). It's also true that my stalled entrepreneurialisms could stand some cash-infusion butress. The commentor might have intuited all this. And I might be the Queen of England.

My reason for the above prefatory note, however, involves neither treehouses, nor building materials, nor blogo-spam (except in passing). Amazingly, the gratuitous advertisement stuck its foot in the door mentioning Jesus (of all people). The post was pleased to begin with the sentence (or, I guess, rhetorical question) I've memorialized in my "boomerang poem" (as I call this form) seen below. That curious poser was followed by news that some conference, somewhere -- apparently in the real world as we say -- had recently convened for purposes of collectively pondering the conundrum and its implications.

I salute their efforts, and apologize to the construction-stuffs loan-offerer for deleting her comment before tipping my hat. I have, anyway, consructed a poem out of all that, I present it not on loan, but for use without limitation. It may endure only as long as the morning mushroom (as Zhuang-ze might say) -- but that seems true of many things.

Let me anyway tip my hand (if not hat), and w/o more ado reveal the ditty occasioned as I've now described.
What would Jesus blog?
is this the burning question?
I think I'll ask a frog
if he has some suggestion
the frog replies in pablum
best suited to a bog
eluding thus the problem
of what would Jesus blog?

What would Jesus blog?
I'm properly perplexed!
were Gog & old Magog
by such an issue vexed?
but one might wonder next
where would Athena jog?
her cellphone gets the text
-- whatever Jeez may blog


Blogger Enemy of the Republic said...

I'm going to focus on content here. Would Jesus blog? The Kingdom is at hand! Well, Darth Vader blogs, Yoda blogs, Luke Skywalker blogs--I know this because I have read them. But does Socrates blog? Do you think Buddha would blog? (No way!) What would be the advantage of blogging instead of preaching to the crowds? Could he still perform miracles (my computer requires one every 10 minutes)? Food for thought, David.

Sun Oct 16, 12:04:00 PM PDT  
Blogger david raphael israel said...

Ah, so you change the question from What would JC blog? to Why would JC blog? (or just plain Would?) Fair enough! However, my comments-visitor seemingly turned it into "What would JC spam?" -- and perhaps concluded that, as a carpenter jew, he would spam loans for builders. I do not in any way object to what was, in antiquity, called "the imitation of Christ" -- a modeling of thought & action on a beloved ideal. The line between that practice (presumably at the far root of the American pop relgion) & "What would Jesus blog?" is a line so curiously stretched, it provoked some bit of amusement here. But I felt Where would Athena jog? to be an even more reasonable question, or at least image. I'm sure Hermes would be on his cellphone to her all the time (in fact they had the equivalent even in Homer's day -- not requiring these superfluous gizmos). That they might together take a conference call from Jesus is not unthinkable, I think. Divinity's many forms bespangle the imagination variously; and I have little doubt they're in cahoots.
cheers, d.i.

Sun Oct 16, 12:27:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Enemy of the Republic said...

Yes, yes, they are in cahoots. It has been revealed to the wise. I think Athena would dedicate her blog to Odysseus. Can you imagine what Apollo's blog would be like? Talk about a sex addict...

Sun Oct 16, 06:01:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Inspire said...

Really enjoy looking thru yoursite...
Wanna check out some poetry, street art and other cool stuff fom the streets of jerusalem...

shalom and much love,


Sat Oct 22, 06:42:00 PM PDT  
Blogger david raphael israel said...

thanks for stopping by! -- and for noting your blog. Such artist-idealism can be interesting to see wherever it appears, and whatever forms & guises it assumes.
It also looks like you're doing curious experiments in the realm of grafitti. I hadn't considered how literal grafitti and the blogosphere could be combined (as you're doing it (makes my pseudo-grafitti conceit seem a trivial conception, in comparison). One also notes your articulateness in English -- I found myself wondering whether you're native to Jerusalem, or perhaps immigrated there from somewhere afar. Anyway, thanks again.

Sat Oct 22, 06:57:00 PM PDT  

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