Saturday, October 08, 2005

expanding links

I've turned a tad of attention to blogo-administration, adding blog and news links over yonder [nudges toward rightside] --->
May expand in future; an ideosyncratic start.
On Ron Silliman's blog today, he gives links to poetry-news from diverse locations:
Chennai, Dublin, Gaza, Johannesburg, London, Lowell, Nairobi, Nigeria, San Francisco, Tokyo, Tucson, Yemen
ciao, d.i.

ps: added still more links -- including for misc. artist-friends (etc.) All a bit haphazard; but nice to get semi-organized.

After a few months, I'll create an index for my blog: easy-to-locate links to the respective poems / mini-essays / stories. For now, you know the drill: if you'd care to see earliest posts, kindly look via month-wise Archive links (at end of links-roster). Thanks!


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