Monday, October 17, 2005

"Hello!" (ghazal)

You who discern all things       & say Hello!
what word could pauperize kings       like your Hello?

You for whom the stars are charming toys
what cosmonaut out-springs       in your Hello?

Because of you     courageous deeds are dared
the ending of all things       is your Hello!

In general       I struggle night & day
yet specificitings       has your Hello!

The pinball wizard learns the art in blindfold
who hears the dongs & dings     of your Hello?

Beneath the sea       a pearl (they say) abides
no foot to shore-life clings       in your Hello!

You read us letters from a distant friend
puissant are the wings       of your Hello!

The bee is so befraught with honey's labor
the meddler feels the stings of her   Hello!

Autumnal clouds a'drift through languorous skies
are searching for the springs       of your Hello!

I peer into the glass of such a pir
each glint of me she brings exclaims   Hello!

I'll carol your fond name from land to land
my wayward language clings     to your Hello!

Ardeo!     in the path of long goodbyes
what word (while short) so sings     like her Hello!

specificitings :   neologism pron. like "specificity" w/ "-tings" [gerund = "bringing into a state of specificity"]

pinball wizard :   may suggest Pete Townsend's eponymous song

pir (Urdu) :   literally old, and oftentimes signifying saint


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