Friday, December 23, 2005

Mechanic Bird in Journey   [Euro-sonnet]

I'd held quixotic hope I yet could find you
while you perchance for me were less than looking?
how ought such scenes shake out? (id est what's cooking?)
superfluous might it seem to to so remind you

I mute & blind   (& powerless O to bind you)
I'd kept a votive candle toward your visage
my poems could some gist convey for message
if you'd not left such nostrums far behind you?

the journey might connote a pearlsome passage
of marvel-miles!   a scope swoon-souls were brooking
canoe-wise   or in birdly mode!       rewind you

fate's finger may?       mechanic bird!   soft courage
your happiness   (where destined wiring's hooking)
fond-carries yon     beyond   what erst confined you


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