Saturday, December 24, 2005

"Tenebrous notions"   [sonnet impromptu 6]

chabuk ki chumban     the kiss of the whip
aagosh hai yeh paash     this embrace is a noose
while I were dithering   with caper & quip
darkly   the river's own laughter   produced

sochti hun, kaash     I wish you were not
tum na hote malik...     my ruler (of dreams)
rakt se lathpath     bloodily fraught
adharon ka chumban   your kissing     it seems

my idle production   of squiggles   on screen
my tenebrous notions   of poesy's   play
find echo in quarters   beyond   & unseen
deeply nocturnal   or lost   in the day

a baby were babbling   on the bank of a stream
was somebody listening?     maybe in dream

Hindustani lines borrowed (w/ thanks) from Ishqa -- whose arresting comment finds reply (or at least comment) in this sonnet. Ishqa's poem (in the original) is seen on her blog here.


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