Friday, December 23, 2005

"Winter's gelid circumstance" [sonnet impromptu 4]

It's possible   I've something here to say
it's plausible   I'm merely sounding vowels
the sun becomes   a figure for the day
the moon at times   is friendly with the owls

the pine is meanwhile   lost in contemplation
the spruce behaves with   stateliness & charm
the trees   of the deciduous   persuasion
are ladies bare & naked     there's no harm

in such a   yes     indelicate position
they're anyway in slumber   likely dreaming
of vernal days     their sleep is an elision
of winter's gelid circumstance     redeeming
this poem's drifty signature   remember
I love you both in April   & December

With incidental hattips to the eponymous Canadian rock band, suffice to say this poem need not be construed as any form of music critique (seeming reference to barenaked ladies notwithstanding). Resemblence to non-tree persons is coincidental.


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