Friday, January 13, 2006

"Circularity"                 [ghazal]

Clearing the slate
      where was I going?

    the morn appeared
              was I going?

few had a
      about destiny
                least of all me!

            they'd called
                        for a christening?
                                        where was I going?

the story proved turgid!   (my habit were babbling musically)
    if it sprang from the hope you were listening   where was I going?

how clear   seemed all on their purpose!   even the gypsies!
    yet who had the card to anticipate   where I was going?

there could be a wind in my words   but warmth?   or coolness?
    if I'd wandered the world incessantly   where was I going?

no power but his   is the saying   this holds many meanings
    suppose one were ambling puissantly   where were one going?

yes day became night   & night became day   circularity
    so I cycled around   but missing you   where was I going?

If yearning should grow exponentially   heaven help science!
    if burning had any efficiency   where was I going?

if Ardeo confided his secret to none but the night
    why did dawn blush? no one were kissing you?   where was I going?


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