Thursday, January 12, 2006

"The courtly poets"         | 8

We tried to find an arrangement   we could both deal with
I studied the courtly poets   as you'd expect
while the Trouvères' poetry soared   yet what was the spiel with
their casual views of marriage?   no respect

or little did they accord   the guys whose wives
they idolized   & wooed   with such blithe zeal
this might've worked   in medieval times   but our lives
can hardly be modelled on such a form   for to steal

runs counter our aim in love   whose basis is giving
& anyway   what I needed   was to get grounded
I wanted to find both poetry   & living
for one   when lacking the other   always seemed founded

on a ludicrous limit   in concept   & design
thinking thus   my aims grew clearer   I felt fine