Thursday, January 12, 2006

"Doom & glory"         | 2

When I was first dating poetry   she was coy
well a little bit   but soon enough   we were necking
she said to me   "you're really a charming boy"
her voice   alike her eyes   knew the art of becking

she changed her mind & changed her ways so often!
I followed her every whim & urge & edict
one day she'd like things rough   but then she'd soften
a thousand times I think   she'd (wide-eyed) predict

my glory or my doom!   she loved the sound of those
the words themselves delighted her   into glggling
but doom & glory?   I never quite came around to those
who cares!   I came to love her glorious jiggling

and the moving way she doomed me   with her gaze
that moved through me in a hundred thousand ways