Thursday, January 12, 2006

"Dozens of echoes"         | 4

We suffered our tiffs & rows   this I'll admit
at times her intensity tired me   what was the use
(I'd ask) of all of our talk   if buried in it
were avoidance of life?   I said   "You're an excuse

for mere Narcissistic wallow   in my own feelings!"
when I spoke these words   she laughed with a bit of a bite
in sarcastic scorn she allowed   "O you & your dealings
with the wonderful world of commerce!"   she was right

I'd become a kind of slave   to her sense of values
she favored color & shade   over normal utility
she despised unthoughtful speech   albeit she'd salute
the unconscious genius   hidden in plain facility

she'd insist   "Just listen to that!"   at any old word
& I'd notice   the dozens of echoes   that she heard