Tuesday, January 24, 2006

hat-tip to Vinod's Requium         [boomerang-twist]

The Pune poet Vinod R's blog twisted humor inc. features a notable new poem, A Requium for a Submersed Verse — its narrative describing an encounter with a poem that did not in end manage to get written. Somewhat Borgesian perhaps in effect & idea, the description in itself can seem to convey to the reader some aspects of or feelings for the declaredly uncaptured (& so, apparently unconveyed) poem.

The dream narrative (for the poem concerns a poem encountered in dream) is accompanied in Vinod's blog by an illustration, a detail from which is lifted & shown here.

My verse below is by way of tribute / hat-tip to excellences of the aforesaid poem. (Happily, I also note that my wonted 8-line "boomerang poem" form has, in this case, experienced a (literal) twist in its tail — perhaps not unsuitably here.)

vinod is the dude for poetry —
the poem of the poem that got away

such a poem is called "vinoedry"?
it withholds yet gives a lot away

its lament is detailed in telling you
the receipt is all that he's selling you

having read the receipt you conclude
— for poetry vinod is the dude

note: Vinod R's work made an earlier apperance on this blog here: Govinda speaks.


Blogger Twisted Humor Inc. said...

maan David... i don't know what to say.. except "thanks brother"...

Tue Jan 24, 03:19:00 AM PST  

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