Thursday, January 12, 2006

"A human belovèd"         | 7

We fell on hard times   it's obvious how it transpired
it's not that we argued   & yet   our feelings grew strained
as the years flew by   at length   I frankly desired
a human belovèd   she nodded   & didn't look pained

indeed   whenever I'd fall in love   she'd grow blissful
"at last!" she'd say   "we'll have some fun in this world"
but along the arc of my sentiment   she'd get wistful
& she wasn't entirely welcomed   by every girl

some liked her of course   they'd say   "your friend's so amazing
& she praises me   to the skies!"   well she certainly would
but sooner or later they'd sense   that all of this praising
were poetry's game of mirrors     for she could

never laud the girl   without loving herself still more
I would always end up on the lovelorn side of the door