Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"Landscape with desire"               [ghazal]

Landscape with desire
          but it's not a question of green
could be winter white & dire
          & you lacking from the scene

how long since my adventures
      amid neighborhoods of pinetrees!
are there cones to spur the fire?
                hypothetically   I mean

your chin I think is eloquent
      it's got a doctorate or something?
when it's time for it to retire
          will it don a gown of green?

eternity wasn't my pilastrade
    I could barely reach the pedestrian
but I liked to join the choir
        that's how my song grew keen

to look at me one may imagine   I'd been around the block ten times
but in fact I'm naive   (it's dire)       should we call for Nasrudeen?

this is not a memoir nor a pretzel     neither yoga nor my confession
when Ardeo's a tad inspired           he's more fatuous than a teen


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