Thursday, January 12, 2006

"On the other end of the phone"         | 11

God will free us all     eventually     so they say
in the meanwhile     we hazard the gamble of living
indeed   our freedom depends   in a curious way
on the roll of the die   & the parse of the line     we're giving

every moment a fresh report   to the soul who hearkens
on the other end of the phone   that our voice addresses
the motionless soul has a mobile phone!     day darkens
every night   we return to the formless     nothing expresses

all the paradoxes of our quandary   better than poetry
or music perhaps   or theatre at times     we prance
through a maze of profound pursuit   in the guise of chemistry
we seek for the singular loophole   hidden perchance

in the contract reality struck   in the infinite slumber
before time & space awoke   & dialed our number