Thursday, January 12, 2006

"The real trouble"         | 9

There came a time when at length   the real trouble started
with a peerless belov├Ęd   I tumbled head over heels
she'd been married for years   my course were of course uncharted
how many a boat   in these stormy gales   o'er-keels!

for a time it seemed   she'd leave a miserable marriage
for a time it seemed   our lives would both be changed
forgetting the horse   I ran away with the carriage
in my mind   but the horse remained   & I grew deranged

when pulled in twain directions   how to walk steady?
I gradually had to renounce   that dream of happiness
that's when I determined   to dive into music's eddies
let the world now fend for itself   the gleam of happiness

I'd seek in the inward realm of sound that arises
from the darkness of life's sleep   before sunrises