Thursday, January 12, 2006

"Strolling in twilight"         | 6

We grew close as sound & sense   though at times I neglected her
long moons might come & depart   with barely a word
few knew we were thick as thieves   some outright rejected her
others deemed her a positive influence   nodoby heard

what exchanges we would engage in   pacing the hallways
walking the boulevards   strolling in twilight   following rivers
wherever I'd go   she'd fall into step   for always
the feeling of pacing would call her     how she quivers

at the fall of the foot   the feel of the earth   in dance
her dance   the dance she favors   there are measures
it's true   she'll often break loose   & wander by chance
down many an unknown byway     all her endeavors

prove delightful   when you're in love with her   did I mention
how uplifting can feel   the breeze of her fond attention?