Sunday, January 15, 2006

"Substantiation"                 [boomerang]

ah the pathos of art's articulation
how much has the mind imagined!
endless may be this imagination
but what scraps has the pen made legend?
the world demands substantiation
the heart retreats into its cave
it could be cacoon or a grave
or it might be a quiet vacation

for Pranay Srinivasan, responsive to "A lot of articles"


Blogger Pranay the Srinivasan said...

surreptiously yet raucously
i attempt a rare feat
i try to expound on precious little
whatever i can scrape together.

cautiously yet arrogantly
i dare you and the others to read
my poetry, my slang, my heartfelt
rendition of my very own life

and finally, with great aplomb
i wish to garner all the praise
for rehashing and recycling
all my nostalgia without penning down
a single phrase.

call it ignorance.
call it arrogance.
call it cowardice.
call it what you will.

i call it desperate hopelessness.


p.s. thanks for visiting my blog, i really appreciate it. really liked your take on my article of unwritten articles

Sun Jan 15, 10:29:00 AM PST  
Blogger Pranay the Srinivasan said...

utekkare means exactly that - a form made up chiefly of these 3 word components: "You", "Take",
"Care". It exhorts you to cease, desist, and avoid all possible means of self flagellation, simply because I am asking you to Take Care.



Sun Jan 15, 10:01:00 PM PST  

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