Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"Without direction"                 [ghazal]

If allowing a crisis to grow   without direction

    it's as if a stream were flowing   without direction

every hour of the day or night   has a destination!

    whether sun or moon   every glow has devout direction

each phase & phrase of the symphony   follows a pattern

    every thorn that secures the rose   fleshes out a direction

if to you all's clear   to me all's cloudy!   how come?

    can one face two faces pose?   has this route a direction?

you said we would find a park   we encountered a barren

    who'd arrive at this roundabout   without directions?

every time you assured   "I've the perfect script for you!"

    we trembled   we had doubts about your direction

when Ardeo became a famished man     through delerium

    he were apt to weep or shout   without direction

for you & me   every grief were transformed into mirth!

    but Ardeo?   he seemed a lout   without a direction


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