Thursday, February 09, 2006

"bling-blings"         [ghazal]

Behold!   the ghazal sings   like this!
an olden swingset swings   like this!

do paupers turn to kings   like this?
do mouths find nourishings   like this?

the "sings" & "swings" are inset rhymes
such rhymes the ghazal brings   like this!

the first line dangles off in space
the second dives and clings   like this!

the first goes buzzing   way down the lane
the second (bee-like) stings   like this!

"like this" is called radif (refrain)
refrain not from its zings   like this!

each sher (an independent lad)
his hat throws in the ring   like this!

we'll talk of matters deep or slight
of cabbages and kings   like this!

allusion or historical quip?
hysterical!   Crosby Bings   like this!

in China   Mongols seize the throne!
the Qing entombs the Mings   like this

does Frankie croon   "I did it my way"?
poetry boasts its flings   like this

ah   sometimes thought grows sober too
the ghazal knows mood-swings   like this

the voice becomes a whisper   (shhhh!
whence rise such whisperings   like this?)

the line   when metrical   permits
a formalized feeling   like this

mere boring rhymes   are common dimes
one seeks a differing thing   like this

what do I seek?   where should I turn?
why   equivocating   like this?

answers   are but empty boxes!
bring me questionings   like this!

Ardeo signs his name   and splits
damn showoff with bling-blings   like this!

[composed for Manoj Anmol, intended as illustration and means of instruction in basics of ghazal form]


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