Wednesday, February 08, 2006

"deep information"         [ghazal]

There are two terms   in the equation   of me & you
who is guilty   here of evasion?   it's me? or you?

I was prepared   eager to meet you   at balmy dawn
late arriving   at evening's station   where's me? or you?

every lover   seeks a belovêd   each nightingale
feels the thorn-prick   of his elation   like me & you

go ask the sax   whether the drum-kit   loses the beat?
question the wick   about cessation   of me & you

don't the days grow   more & more pensive   toward winter's end?
might the nights bring   deep information   of me & you?

each science lost   hold of the secret   everyone sensed!
show me what poet   crunched the equation   of me & you!

granting it's not   quite rocket science   our love has hit
what could we learn   from Simple Simon   of me & you?

what if my soul   embraced your tresses   in its dark dream?
has Rapunzel   freed the fantasia   of me & you?

that you're afar   is this our standard   anxiety?
this I desire   rare evocation   of me & you

night follows day!   call this banal or   strangely profound
b follows a!   see education   in me & you!

hope took a hike   while she were absent   you came around
shutting my eyes   pupil-dilation   brought me to you?

speed as an aim?   perish the notion   pilgrims need time
what do we seek?   perigrination   of me to you!

tickets are steep   travel is costly!   riding the rails
hobos have seen   sweet embarkation   like me & you

when Ardeo   read all the teachings   mentioning you
did he espy   gentle persuasion   from me or you?

never a drop   crawls down a window   lost to your view
often the cloud   in its vacation   brings me to you

could it be I'm   losing the spool of   our tête-à-tête?
grant Ardeo   long conversations   like me & you

[in this ghazal, I continue the experiment with "cadence" [b'her] -- still a learning process . . . ]


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