Saturday, February 18, 2006

Maria's Laud       [Xeric Poetry]

.1) aznm   A zinnia named Maria

.2) byol   brings you opulent laud!

.3) cxpk   Could xeric poetry keep

.4) dwqj   dew's water-quotient jacent?

.5) evri   Every variant reaches into

.6) fush   fresh utterance so humid

.7) gttg   getting through this gospel

.8) hsuf   has some unexpected features

.9) irve   Inquiries recently verified every

10) jqwd   jasmine-quality water-drop

11) kpxc   keeps ponderous xeric constructs

12) loyb   lollygagging on your beachfront

13) mnza   many nouns zap amazements

14) nmaz   nouns might also zap

15) olby   orotund love because Yeshua's

16) pkcx   peek-a-boo kalpanas can xerically

17) qjdw   quantize jasmine drop-wise waterworks

18) riev   Rivers in every variegation

19) shfu   should have favorable utility

20) tggt   to grant gospel technique

21) ufhs   unto fashionable home shoppers

22) veir   Ventriloquistic errand-boys inquire regularly

23) wdjq   "What doth Jesus quip?"

24) xckp   Xeric concupiscence keeps praying

25) yblo   "You bring love over!"

26) zamn   Zinnias applaud Maria's nonce

(c) 2006 david raphael israel

xeric : [relating to] able to thrive on little water

jacent : recumbent, prone [a word cognate to adjacent (ad + jacent = "to lie near")]

Yeshua (Aramaic): Jesus

kalpana : creative imagination

Note: based on the phrase's appearance in this poem [line 3], I should like to propose Xeric Poetry as a neologism serving to characterize a poem of such sort as is "Maria's Laud." In other words, I would propose Xeric Poetry or "writing by prescription" or "composition per alphabetic lattice," as three interchangeable ways of describing this particular experimental / compositional development. d.i.

This poem was first published on the Caferati network here -- where can be found some detailed explanation of the procedure plus other experiments with it by me and by Sruthi Krishnan.


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very very fascinating! what an idea!

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