Saturday, February 25, 2006

Soul's Recollection       [lyric]

I said   you are la Luna!
  she said   you're loony!
I said   you're my Karbala!
  she said   you're Sunni?

I said   you're my antiquity!
  she said   what's new?
I said   you're my ubiquity!
  she said   P.U.!

I said   when will I see you?
  she said   whatever
I said   is the banshee you?
  she said   unclever

I said   likely I'll perish
  she didn't hear me
I thought   she whom I cherish
  will disappear me?

I drift   into the mist now
  forgetting her name
my lips   winter has kissed now
  it's never the same

[inspired by Smita Rajan's poem, "Give Up, Girls!"]


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