Monday, February 20, 2006

"Trying on masks"         [ghazal]

i am just another face trying on different masks
to get through the day.
                                    -- Manizhe Ali

I'm just another face   trying on masks
if they don't switch smoothly   I'm prying on masks

Janus had but two   he was terribly moderate!
even after a dozen   I'm sighing on masks

where's the right one   for the existential occasion?
if you'll excuse the indelicacy   I'm buying en masse

sometimes competition involved standards of behavior
sometimes we grew baroque   frankly vying on masks

relieved when removed   to express this   I donned a smile one!
unstoppable!   is it ludicrous?   when I'm crying on masks?

life! so what is life?   the infant in swaddling begins
down an avenue of deception   finally dying on masks

some scrupulous to a fault   were others randomly permissive?
not all favored our concept   "oh me! oh my!"ing on msaks

what if "truth in packaging"   proved a deceptive motto?
wasn't packaging the desideratum   for all lying on masks?

call him Raphael   or Ardeo   under either nom-de-plume
if not anxiously ripping 'em off   he's busy tying on masks


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