Wednesday, March 08, 2006

"Pleasant places"           [rubaiyat]

Beloved!   I'm mired in living's   deep aggravation
high mountain!   I'm tired of climbing's   steep aggravation
dark marketplace!   must one engage in your weary charade?
Ardeo!   I'm ired by haggling's   cheap aggravation

It had seemed for a time that freedom   one could achieve
it had seemed for a time that trouble   could find reprieve
where a day late   & a dollar short   grow too habitual
it may seem for a time that none know   how you may grieve

The sandbox   & the grave   are both pleasant places
the monarch   & the slave   have both pleasant faces
the teeter-totter of life   is a rollicking playground!
damnation   & heaven   are both pleasant spaces

From my toddling days   till the time I can crawl   no longer
could the world & its ways   delight & appall   no longer?
from the morning of "Be!"   till the curtain descends on the stage
could confusion & praise   upset & enthrall   no longer?


Blogger The Wizard of Odd said...

mmm where did this come from di?

delicate, yet far more... disturbed... searching. And such.


Wed Mar 08, 06:17:00 PM PST  
Blogger david raphael israel said...

It's a form and style (& mode of thought / feeling / expression) I return to periodically; it's not new, simply a further handful. But there's not a whole lot of it on this blog -- some scattered a bit. (Much in this mode I was writing in pre-blog months.) But the ideas are, in a sense, conventional -- though in this world not everyone cultivates the same conventions of ideas. ;-)
Omar Khayyam's rubaiyat to some degree stands behind some of this. But note -- of course the particular expression (what images, etc.) also emerge from contours of the language (to a degree).
(The first rubai here I composed amid my solitary late-afternoon sauna.)
However, it's true enough there's an undercurrent of overall fed-upness that's given voice.
well noted


Wed Mar 08, 06:40:00 PM PST  

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