Friday, April 28, 2006

"A lucky thing"         [reflexive invective]

If you'd been anyone else but me
a pitiful bore you'd entirely be
it's a lucky thing that I am you
your company I'd else eschew
for someone's more consistently suave
whose abilities weren't thin as crepes
a bit less filled with pseudo-bhav
a tad more far from frogs or apes
it's hard to imagine how you endure
the being of me: it's tough I'm sure
to our irony could you ever agree
if you were anyone else but me?


occasioned by the challenge of an exercise (to compose some sort of "insult poem" directed at oneself)

bhav (Hindi) : feeling; or more exactly, spiritual emotion (especially as associated with art and literature. The word generally suggests an overall esthetics of artistic communication: for bhav exists both in the artwork and in the viewer.) ["pseudo-bhav" presumably amounts to pretentiousness or perhaps preciousness -- but one among varied flaws & foibles common to the immature ego. The poem of course quizzically ponders the overall problem of having (or being) an ego.]


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