Wednesday, May 31, 2006

In the world of books

Shoemaker's vagrom from Counterpoint?
Hamill gets booted from Copper Canyon?
curtains for Cody's on Telegraph? --
Gautama quick! can you find a banyan?


The verse muses on alterations in what may have seemed, in imagination, eternal verities: that Counterpoint Press (established in DC by Jack Shoemaker, as the reincarnation of his earlier, Bay Area-based North Point Press) was synonymous with that gentleman bookmaker; that Copper Canyon Press (established by poet Sam Hamill in Port Townsend, Washington) wouldn't [though I don't know details of this story, news of which reached me today -- occasioning this ditty] boot him out; that Cody's Books (a cultural fixture of Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley, California) would always & evermore abide on its familiar corner. But: things change.


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