Saturday, July 01, 2006

"Erasmus's Folly"           | 4   [Ardeo pangram]

Asking begging caterwauling -- deathly exit? fragrant garden?
Hello indigo, joyous klepto, lend me nobody's ocular pardon
Quivers render straight talk unto volkslieder wannabes, XYZ

Ancestral belvederes conceal duende, epistemology falsifies girlishness,
hirsute intellectuals juryrig kosher menus? (not our patisserie)
Quite right, Sirrah -- terrify us. Venus was XYZ

Angelic babes come dance every Friday. Gradually
he intensifies. Juvenal kept laughing, Milarepa naturally objected. People
qualify remote situations to underline vicinal weirdness, XYZ

Administrative burdens can discourage everyone. Failure gets
heavy in jail. Kindling lacking moisture needs our prayers?
Quoranic recitation startles townsfolk. Ubiquity ventures westward, XYZ

Alms become commonplace, does everybody feel good?
Halos itch, just kindly leave mine near our pagoda.
Quixotic romantics still tour. Uptown vixens welcome XYZ

As becomes clear, Desiderius Erasmus's Folly grows
highly in-joky (keeping Latin mirth nimble on pinheads).
Quite rightly, Sinatra told us Vivekachudamani was XYZ

Advertising bothers certain doctors. Europeans frequently gather
hollyhocks in joy. Koreans learn many nuances of propriety's
quickmarch regimen. Should Tagore unlocalize? Valmiki watched XYZ

Ardeo began carefully. Doing everything felt glorious.
He interviewed journeymen, kept learning musical notation, napped often, played
quietist retrospectives. Salamago tells us Vivaldi was XYZ


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