Wednesday, June 28, 2006

"A eulogy is oftentimes unctious"     [vowel-determined ghazal]

An early Indian orange uncle always ends in boot huts.
An eager inky only ushers Akbar's elders in moot futz.

A eulogy is oftentimes unctious, ask every ill dodo kuku.
After each incident -- Om uttered -- an ebb is on us.

Amazing ecstasies increase our umpires' dramas. Feel its moon pull?
Albany ends, is Ontario useful? Malanga sensed inklings of us.

Advertise elementary islands! Own us! Talk serene pigs' monolog crumbs!
Action ebbed in October Ulswater: bland hep minds look cumulus

Actual essays! (inchlong oblongs) -- ugly as sentence, big on purr --
Ardeo ends in ordinary unction: alabast freeze sighs "fon us"


Certain formal strictures underpinning the above poem are noted here:
Christian Bök’s EUNOIA [with exercise-turned-ghazal].


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