Saturday, June 17, 2006

Lily & rose     [ghazalesque]

The dance of the flowers shows wondrous agility
among them the rose knows unbridled nobility

The quality of the lily has charming fragility
rose attar & lily-scent evince compatibility

If a rose should aspire to appear as a lily
would the ruse but enthuse? or invoke vague hostility?

A rose is a rose is a rose (willy-nilly)
but a rose as a lily discloses ductility

Were the very first lilies indeed (silly-billy!)
conceived incognito through roses' ability?

As the filled becomes empty   the emptied grows filly
where a rose strikes a lily-pose   this shows docility

The rows of the roses were lililess   will he
unveil the quaint feat with unshod versatility?

An odd capability Ardeo!   wait till he
paints the lily with rose-hue?   in all probability


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