Friday, June 30, 2006

"Love's orbit"           | 2   [Ardeo pangram]

As diaphanous guests, jujune milliner-priests shall visit.
By every hefty Kafka note quality tools wander.
Clarify for instance love's only rule, uxorious XYZ?

Artful dancers grant June's minstrels pretty saucy vistas
but even halfwits keep noting quality's twigdrop wont.
Callow fellows' indolent laughter? Orchids rue unaccountability, XYZ

Angling drifters gallantly joust, modest peasants savor views.
Because every heartbeat keeps negotiating quotas terribly wantonly,
carefully fill in loving orders. Remember us XYZ!

Abstruce dalliance graces just-made pasteries. People seek value,
birds expect hazard, Krishna never quits -- terrible wager?
Cautious feelings increase -- love's orbit reaches Uranus, XYZ

Ardeo doesn't give jalopies many pensive serenades. Vast
beckonings emerge half-assed? Keep nothing, quaff the wine!
Chemists find it lovely or rebuke us, XYZ

[Pattern 2]

In my first "Ardeo pangram" (blogged last night, entitled "Vishnu's watusi"), each stanza's word-order lattice followed a fairly obvious pattern, viz.:
a b c d e f g
h i j k l m n o p
q r s t u v w (xyz)

[I'm calling this Pattern 1]

For this (my second AP), a less-obvious, but equally orderly pattern was employed, namely:
a d g j m p s v
b e h k n q t w
c f i l o r u (xyz)

[I'm calling this Pattern 2]

(In this cycle of poems, Pattern 1 is followed except where otherwise noted. When a new pattern is created, it will be sketched-out in a note directly following that pattern's initial appearance.)


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