Thursday, June 08, 2006

"No trifle on this Earth"       [ghazal]

Life is expensive   and even death is expensive!
everything will cost something   an idle breath is expensive

the price of failure has proven exceedingly exorbitant
what's to do?   isn't it pitiful how success   is expensive?

to sit idly may be lethal   to rest for half a moment on the
quiet log or placid lilipad known to myth   is expensive

prior to life's first cry   already the bills were mounting
to rent a shroud & wrap your final girth   is expensive

it will eat away worldly ambition   & make you fit for nothing
save hiding in a dreamy hovel!   your hazardous mirth is expensive

when Ardeo took to poetry's path   for solice or amusement
did he fathom how no trifle on this Earth   isn't expensive?


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