Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sir Gawain's Sermon     [singsong-sonnet]

(thinking about misspellings)

I was reading in a mazoguine
  about the penguin story
it mentioned how a tangoreen
  was clarly bound for glory
the tangoreen was orange but
  the orange wasn't apple
the preacher gave a sirman
  to the night within the chapal
the chapal was a sort of shew
  a revelation (holey)
the mountain don't & mountain do
  could trade off being goalie

the gaol was dark & tangoreen
"the lady's leafy" laft the green

I was reading in a mangozine
  about the tropicana
the panama canal had been
  forgotten by osama
the migraine workers sallied north
  to shine the shoes & shimmies
"hasta maƱan baby" quoth
  the darling to the dimmies
the birds are singing Junely
  summer's seize is in effect
nocturnal heaven moonly
  asters piazzolla's tact

the techno paleo pioneer
was drinking cans of cannot beer


Blogger ~River~ said...

Hahaha. Very clever.

Fri Jun 23, 08:08:00 AM PDT  

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