Saturday, July 01, 2006

"Dante's Inferno"         | 7   [Ardeo pangram]

African bananas? Give him my nascent salutation. Time
can deftly inculcate juvenile opinions. Permit us vermouth,
even freely kiss. Lovers' quests reach Warsaw, XYZ

Always believe graceful hymnals. My neurologist sadly thinks
Castro didn't illuminate. Jill omits pails, using vallygirl
earnestness. Frankness kills lassitude? Quilt realists want XYZ

Angling by gosh, hawking my newsbrief. Sell the
cantaloupe, darling, I just ordered pomfret. Unlike vehemence,
elementary fraudulence keeps life quite reasonable, when XYZ

Ask before guessing! Has my nest suffered the
casual debris incident? Just orchestrate pianistically, using very
elegant fingering. Kafka's lifelong questions really wangle, XYZ

Ardeo bellows, gentlemen. Haven't my nasturtiums subtly tinkered?
Can Dante's Inferno just overlap Pasadena? Unobvious virtue
eliminates fallacy. Kilroy's letterings quaintly rue wartime, XYZ

[Pattern 3]


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