Saturday, July 01, 2006

"Frida's kitchenette"         | 6   [Ardeo pangram]

Amazement becomes groovy. Hikmet mellows. Negotiate some timeshares.
Cute darlings invade Japan. Osama putts, using very
easy frequencies. Kindle love, quote Rousseau. Weep, XYZ

After becoming generally hellbent, Molière never softened. Tell
Cassandra: depict images. Just opine plausibly. Unlike Virginia's
escalator, Frida's kitchenette likes quails. Really weird, XYZ

Actual beings give history many nice situations. Today,
California's deep images. July often presents unlikely variations.
Equador's farout kazoo-lovers quaff radical weltanschauungs, XYZ

Abstract baloney? Give him mayonnaise. Nobody seeks truth,
can danger imperil jeunesse? Obstinate persons usually value
expensive features. Karmic language quietly reflects water, XYZ

Ardeo believes God has many necessary secrets. Tricky
conditions delimit interesting jests. Ordinary people undulate very
expressively. Feeling kind? Let's quit reading. Wow, XYZ

[Pattern 3]

Herewith introducing Pattern 3:
a b g h m n s t
c d i j o p u v
e f k l q r w (xyz)

Regarding the Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet (1902-1963), I don't know if he mellowed per se. Here anyway is the concluding passage from one of his more noted poems:

To think of roses and gardens inside is bad,
to think of seas and mountains is good.
Read and write without rest,
and I also advise weaving
and making mirrors.
I mean, it's not that you can't pass
      ten or fifteen years inside
                                      and more--
          you can,
          as long as the jewel
          on the left side of your chest doesn't lose its luster!

(from "Some Advice to Those Who Will Serve Time in Prison")


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