Saturday, July 01, 2006

"Quixote's reality"         | 9   [Ardeo pangram]

Always believe calendars? Does every fruittree glisten?
How is John Kennedy’s likeness most noble or pure?
Quixote really sought to understand valiant ways, XYZ

And being cautious -– does every fender gleam?
How is Japanese kudzu like my notion of pasta?
Quixote really said those unbelievably vital words, XYZ

As belief continues -– does every faith grow?
How is July’s knife-life more necessary or proper?
Quixote really seemed troubled, unwontedly violent with XYZ

Absolutely brilliant cantatas! -– doesn’t every fenster glow?
How is Juanita’s kiss like Maine’s northernmost offseason places?
Quixote really sentimentalized the unlivable vacation with XYZ

Abstractly, beans count. Does every frijole generalize?
How is jujitsu’s knack like mental nodules of pulchritude?
Quixote’s reality slightly trembled under vision’s weight, XYZ

Ardeo became curious -– didn't every feather glide?
How is justice / kindness / love / meaning not our problemo?
Quixote really serenaded the ultimate virgin wench, XYZ


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