Saturday, July 01, 2006

"Racine's simulacrum"         | 8   [Ardeo pangram]

Answer, babe. Can delirium ever feel good?
How is journalism keeping life's more necessary occupations peachy?
Quit reacting, start teasing. Unlimited value was XYZ

Amazon became comatose? Don't even finish. Grok
his insults, just keep laughing. Many negative opinions pester
Quakerism. Really serious turbulence usually vanishes with XYZ

Angry bears can discomfit even French gentlemen.
Hungry islanders just keep listlessly moaning. Nobody operates past
quartertime. Racine's simulacrum twitters, unless vetted with XYZ

Aspersion, blame, castigation, denigration -- every fearsome gut
has issues. Jayadev, Kabir, Lalleshwari, Milarepa, Nanak -- O poets!
Quell reality's semblance. Tune up vinas wonderfully, XYZ

Ardeo beseeches! can driftwood ever follow God's
heart? Isn't just keeping lifelike my notable occupation? Please
qualify recent semaphores -- till ultimate victory wins XYZ


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