Tuesday, July 04, 2006

"Rameau's suite"         | 13   [Ardeo pangram]

A bane can derail even fabulous glow
(how innocent jive keeps life’s merry north orbit)
please queue rugged squall to unleash vatic woe,

A bonnet can drape even fractional graves
(how impudent jests keep life’s mordant needs onerous)
please queue recent squaws to unlatch vernal waves,

A basket can drift even functional gloom
(how indigent jaunts keep life’s mythic nonce odious)
please queue Rameau’s suite to untrammel (la) vie’s womb,

A banana can delight even figurative guys
(how indolent jibes keep life’s motor nerves ochre)
please queue rustic screed to unloose visions wise,

A bassman can daunt even freewheeling girls
(how inflence jazz keeps life's muddled nodes on)
please queue ritual spiel to unglue virtual wheels,

A banquet can darn even fictional gloves
(how imminent jowls keep life's modest nest open)
please queue royal songs to unkeel vacuum's wolves,

Ardeo’s been called down earth's febrile groove?
(how incident jousts keep life’s mute news oneiric)
please queue ruby swoon to undo vapid woof,

[Pattern 1']

[Pattern 1' is identical to pattern 1 (i.e., it is the usual sequence of 26 letters), except that the elements are broken into lines slightly differently -- for sake of further formal experiment.]

Herewith introducing Pattern 1':
a b c d e f g
h i j k l m n o
p q r s t u v w


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