Monday, July 03, 2006

"Villon's graphologist"         | 12   [Ardeo pangram]

A boy can just keep laughing, silly twit!
Doesn’t every fellow mention narrow options, Uncle Vinny?
Good housekeeping, if pretty quaint, really welcomes XYZ

Always beautiful cantaloupes! Jazz-kitchen lyricists still trill.
Democracy eventually flourishes. Maybe nobody ordered us vermicelli?
Given his incorrigible phraseology, quit romping with XYZ

A butterfly can just keep lilting, so true!
Doesn’t every fridge merit natural olives? Unlimited value
gets hilarious in particular quarters. Recently, with XYZ

Angst bears consequences. Justice keeps life’s show trundling.
Discrete events favor multiple network options. Use volunteers.
Given his inevitable parsimony, quit reasoning with XYZ

Agamemnon became curious. Just keep languishing, storm trooper.
Democracy eventually falters. Maybe nobody organized universal values.
Given his ineluctable punctiliousness, quit remonstrating with XYZ

Ardeo’s being cautious? Jove keeps laughing. Somebody tell
Demeter empathy feels more noble. Only us? Villon’s
graphologist has interesting perceptions, quite relevant where XYZ

[Pattern 4]

Herewith introducing Pattern 4:
a b c j k l s t
d e f m n o u v
g h i p q r w (xyz)


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