Wednesday, August 23, 2006

1 | "A maze of dark surprises"       [sestina]

The world has become   a maze of dark surprises
from day to day we move   as through a jungle
the character of the land   who recognizes?
so many things   within our breathing mingle
how curious grow   the puppet's bright disguises
can you break a 20 friend?   I need a single

To grasp the multiple   comprehend the single
but when the two are glimpsed   it wreaks surprises
each season dons   a bevy of disguises
the urban's but   an instance of the jungle
the object of the party   is to mingle
the guest of honor   no one recognizes

Though vague may seem the scene   one recognizes
the moon within the sky   endlessly single
it's true   among the stars she likes to mingle
her course grows far too mythic   for surprises
the field wherein she strolls   is not a jungle
she favors masks from Venice   for disguises

The sun and moon   are famous for disguises
within the beggar   God one recognizes
the wildness in the heart   exceeds the jungle
perchance that's why for penance   we stay single
life's anyway prodigious   with surprises
the fundament of the city   is to mingle

A world is formed   because the atoms mingle
the drama's based on   multiple disguises
both happiness and sorrow   hold surprises
is ignorance   what no one recognizes?
I've managed to live   for fifty summers single
I've failed to build   a palace amid the jungle

Without the animals   where would be the jungle?
the upland petals   down in the lowland mingle
a single thought   is never finally single!
the face itself   is perfect for disguises
without a past   there's naught one recognizes
without a future   who would feel surprises?

All life one recognizes   in the jungle
a billion soft surprises   daily mingle
duality's blithe disguises   hide the single


I'd been vaguely curious to attempt the sestina for a long time, but never got around to it. At last, the occasion of a literary exercise intervened and gave me the push.


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