Sunday, August 27, 2006

12 | "Vasu's computer"       [sestina]

Is wind in the sails
a thing that is lacking?
each morning unveils
some crewman unslacking
but Vasu's computer
is broken I'm told!

The equator I'm told
brings doldrums to sails
the broken computer
its clacking is lacking
hence Vasu's now slacking
reclusive in veils

What finally avails
the soul? are we told?
at times one is slacking --
bring wind for the sails!
too bad Vasu's lacking
a working computer

From any computer
one freshly unveils
whatever was lacking
-- this tale is told
'neath unbillowed sails
when wind it is slacking

This season if slacking
perhaps some computer
may fill up the sails
and billow the veils
if Aeolus (as told)
can supply what is lacking

I can't say what's lacking
or if we've been slacking
though lately I'm told
that Vasu's computer
is hid in dark veils
too bad they're not sails

From the lacking computer
was the slacking in veils
foretold? lift the sails!


Riffing on remarks made by James Joyce.


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