Sunday, August 27, 2006

14 | "If rhyme may recall the singer"       [sestina]

Across the expanse of time
the written word can linger
the thought that attracts the singer
into the noose of rhyme
can carry to you anew
a sentiment false or true

The quality of the true
is shattered   greeting time
the world is reformed anew
each instant   what will linger
from past?   there seems a rhyme
there's certainly a singer

Suppose that there is a singer
whose every word rings true
the lyric presents a rhyme
to ripple the pool of time
where transient circles linger
and fleetly expire anew

Each stanza blooms anew
with melody   from the singer
the notes of music linger
there might be something true
despite the fade of time
that darkens   every rhyme

The ornament of the rhyme
entwines the old and new
across the field of time
each line floods   from the singer
but maybe there's nothing true
when nothing is left to linger

Some memories always linger
perhaps   a nursery rhyme
how part the false from true?
we ponder it all   anew
and who was the primal singer?
and what is the point of time?

What's true is fraught with time
if rhyme may recall the singer
what lingers speaks anew


Perhaps this will be the final sestina in the cycle. Time will tell.
This one employs a new rhyme pattern; it appears in the 1st stanza as ABBACC.


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