Thursday, August 24, 2006

2 | "Amid the dark of night"       [sestina]

Amid the dark of night
when all the world is sleeping
not yet a sign of light
no laughter and no weeping
another morning might
be granted for our keeping

The silence we are keeping
within the heart of night
seems meekness   but it might
unloose the knot of sleeping
the dreamer's laughing-weeping
will vanish with the light

Amid the leaves there's light
though dark of green they're keeping
the blueness brings no weeping
but nullifies the night
though many still are sleeping
awaken someone might

The power of dark might
acts differently than light
light gently pulls from sleeping
the soul whom slumber's keeping
but jealous grows the night
the world's woe is its weeping

To understand the weeping
that wracks the halls of might
through many a sleepless night
use surgically the light
intelligence is keeping
while many still are sleeping

There is an hour for sleeping
and some events need weeping
there's gladness in our keeping
our modesty hides might
within the dark lives light
amid the day dwells night

our nights are passed half-sleeping
some might awake by weeping
the light is in our keeping


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