Thursday, August 24, 2006

3 | "Still are the shaded famished"       [doha sestina]

Many a moon has faded
many a year has vanished
many a tree has shaded
many a belly famished
many a river's waded
many a wastrel's banished

Those who in past were banished
out of our annals faded
no one has lately waded
over toward where they'd vanished
some of us still are famished
hungry for truths unshaded

Memory's dim and shaded
certainty's long since banished
empathy with the famished
never has wholly faded
poetry sometimes vanished?
secretly streams are waded

Those who had dared and waded
willing to see unshaded
quietly they have vanished
seeking for those long banished
tale of this has faded?
belly remains truth-famished

Nosing for news   I'm famished!
where are the ones who waded?
memory grows quite faded
everything seems so shaded
was there a person banished?
every report has vanished!

Even if thoughts have vanished
feelings remain full famished
myth of the hero banished
and of the ones who waded
seeking for life unshaded --
have all these finally faded?

Think of the faded banished!
where have the waded vanished?
still are the shaded famished!


The cadence of the doha verse form (from Hindi prosody) is here integrated into the overall lyric-hypnotic-woven form of the sestina.


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