Saturday, August 26, 2006

6 | "Your universe"       [sestina]

The heat of the sun burns down
conditions of life are various
I've lived for a time in this town
a life only slightly precarious
I smile forgetting to frown
your universe isn't nefarious

The comic book needs the nefarious
to balance the up with the down
two masks symbol Janus   the frown
the smile   the dramas are various
the plotline is often precarious
like many a tale in this town

The country is yin to the town's
bright yang   neither one is nefarious
one wearies of life long precarious
the tumble goes easily down
with dangers absurd and so various
what wonder if folk wear a frown?

Be happy!   have done with the frown!
there's many delights in the town
the music is lively and various
the papers decry the nefarious
recline on your pillow of down
forget for a time the precarious

To walk along cliffs is precarious
no wonder the walker may frown
it's best if he doesn't look down
his feat is afar from the town
his triumph might quell the nefarious
details of karma are various

Invariably   life is various!
indubitably   it's precarious
but love laves away the nefarious
your smile has vanquished my frown
you fill every nook of the town
we thrill to your up and your down!

At first   there's a various frown
one sees   a precarious town
love pulls   the nefarious down


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