Monday, August 21, 2006

Bill Moyers for President             [political insight]

Molly Ivins, in Austin, Texas, launches the notion and argues the merits:
Run Bill Moyers for President, Seriously
If he runs, he's got my vote.
John Nichols (blogging at The Nation Magazine's website) supports the idea. Ten months ago, Scott Beckman published 10 Reasons Bill Moyers Should Be President. Beckman was likewise writing about the idea last December. However, a visit to the website tersely suggests someone (presumably this must mean, Moyers himself) has discouraged such talk and such an effort. Evidently this hasn't stopped Ivins (who, I vaguely recall, may have been on this idea in past years as well).

Of related interest:
9/11 and The Sport of God
(An address by Bill Moyers / Union Theological Seminary / September 7, 2005)


Meanwhile -- speaking of presidential races -- also in the news is Ségolène Royal, in France:
'Segomania' takes off as Royal stakes her claim for the presidency (The Independent)


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